Summary of the Declaration of 

Covenants, Rules and Regulations of


Lamplighter Green is a private residential community made up of single family homes.  Each homeowner owns his or her home and surrounding land outright.   This is not a condominium complex.  However, the neighborhood is governed by a set of covenants, rules and restrictions.  Because of the restrictions on the deeds to each of the homes in Lamplighter Green, all of the homeowners are subject to these covenants. 

A Homeowners Association, known as Lamplighter Green Homeowners Association, (LGHA), was formed to administer the covenants, maintain the finances of the association and manage common properties.  The association is managed by eight of the homeowners, know as the Board of Directors.  They are elected at the annual association meeting and may hold office for up to 5 years.  The board is available to all homeowners for questions or enforcement of the covenants. 

Below is a summary of the key covenants, rules and restrictions:

A. Community Property: Unlike most residential neighborhoods, LGHA has common properties that are jointly owned by all of the homeowners. In the LGHA, the common properties include the streets, (the streets are not public roads; they are private roads), the utilities (lights, sewers, and the water system), the merge to the fire access road, a portion of the sand pit area at the end of the development, and the land beside the entry roadway. 


Use of Common areas from section 3.2

No person is permitted to excavate or remove anything from or fill in the common areas. Dumping of any material on the common areas is prohibited. Residents cannot store or park trucks, commercial vehicles, boats, campers, trailers or other vehicles on the common areas. No person shall repair, maintain, wash or store motor vehicles on the common areas. No unregistered cars are permitted anywhere in Lamplighter Green.

B. Homeowners Voting right section 3.3

Membership in the LGHA and qualification for voting Ownership of a lot is the only qualification for membership in the association. Each lot has one vote. However, the board can suspend the voting rights of any homeowner who fails to pay association dues, or who violates any of the covenants. 

C. Payment of monthly assessments - The monthly dues 

Homeowners are required to pay $20.00 per month to the association to fund the expenses of maintaining the neighborhood. Dues are to be paid only Quarterly, Semi-Yearly or Yearly. Monthly payments will not be accepted anymore. If dues are not paid within 30 days of the due date, a late fee of $25.00 per month will be assessed. In addition a lien will be filed against the house in the amount of the overdue assessment plus late fees plus interest at that time. If overdue for 60 days, the LGHA may sue to collect the assessment and/or foreclose on the lien. 

NOTE: This fee is wavered for President, Treasurer, and Property Manager  

NOTE: houses cannot be transferred to a new buyer at a closing after a sale unless a 6d certificate (a notice of no liens) has been issued for the house. 

D. Residential Lots: Permitted uses and restrictions

Overnight parking on the streets by residents is prohibited at all times. The LGHA can issue warnings and can tow vehicles that violate this provision. In addition, a $25.00 fine can be imposed for violations of the overnight parking ban. 

No trucks, other commercial vehicles, boats, campers, trailers or other similar vehicles shall be parked on any lot unless within a garage, if any, or a driveway. 

The design standards specifically prohibit above ground swimming pools, other than for daily set up and removal. 

F. Design Review: Improvements to exterior areas of houses

No structures may be built on any lot or any changes made to the exterior of any existing house unless a written proposal (that lists in detail the work to be done) is submitted to the Design Review Board of the LGHA. No proposed work is to be done unless The Board's approval is obtained in writing. In the event the Design Review board fails to respond within 45 days, the proposed plan shall be automatically approved. For more information see section 3.7

E. Street maintenance and plowing

The streets of LGHA are private not public. They are the common property of all the homeowners and maintained by the association. The LGHA will coordinate street maintenance and plowing. The cost of that work is a common expense of all residents to be assessed to and paid by all residents via annual dues. 

ROAD SALT: The use of road deicing salt in Lamplighter Green is prohibited. 

G. Enforcement of the regulations

H. Requesting 6D Certificates 

6D certificate should be requested at least 2 weeks before the closing date. The fee for 6D is $30.00.  

The LGHA Board may impose fines up to $25.00 for each violation of these rules and regulations. Each day that the violation continues, after notice is given to the homeowner, is considered a separate violation subject to additional fines.