Lamplighter Green 

Homeowners Association ( LLG HOA )




Solar Panels

The following amendments have been voted in by the residents on 11/11/2014

Any resident may have solar panels installed only on the roof of original main structure of their property. The structure does not include roofs of additions, porches, sun rooms, toolsheds and garage.
Resident must submit a design review before scheduling installation and that design review needs to be approved by the Corporation. In addition to the required documentation, the design review must clearly state the insurance and liability coverage pertaining to Solar panel installation. Resident is responsible for maintaining and upkeep of the panels. If maintenance issues are found, the resident will be fined and must take action to fix.

You are required to give the board 30 day notice.

In case of termination of ownership of the property, unless ownership of the solar panel installation is part of the termination agreement, the installation must be removed.

For solar installation, an Abutter(s) signatures is required, but ONLY for the purpose of notification. If they do not agree with the installation, Abutter(s) must mention the same on the design review form along with their signatures.

Penalty, Fee and 6D cost

The following amendments have been voted in by the residents since the by-laws were first adopted

  • The monthly association fee is $40.
  • The penalty amount is $50.
  • Housing association fee will now only be accepted annually.
  • Revoted by-law : President, Property Manager and Treasurer do not pay association fee.
  • Cost of obtaining 6D is $30.

Lamplighter Green Association By-Laws (1.76 MB File Down Load)

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Summary of the Declaration of Covenants, Rules and Regulations
Section 1 - Easements Restrictions and Covenants
Section 2 - Notice of Establishment of LLG HOA and By-Laws
Exhibit A - Property Description
Exhibit B 
Article I - Definitions
Article II - Property Subject to the Master Declaration
Article III - Land Classifications, Property Use & Restrictions
Article IV - Lamplighter Green Homeowners Association, Inc 
Article V - Transferring of Interests in Lots
Article VI - Mortgagee Status
Article VII - Condemnation
Article VIII - Miscellaneous Provisions
Exhibit C - Perpetual Conservation Restrictions
Exhibit D - By-Laws
Article I - Name
Article II - Article of Organization
Article III - Purpose
Article IV - Basic Policies
Article V - Fiscal Year
Article VI - Membership and Dues
Article VII - Meetings of Members
Article VIII - Directors
Article IX - Officers and Agents
Article X - Resignations, Removals and Vacancies
Article XI - Indemnification of Directors and Others
Article XII - Miscellaneous Provisions
Article XIII - Amendments

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