All modifications/improvements undertaken on your home/lot must be approved by the Association's Design and Review Committee before starting work.  The design and Review Committee has 45 days to respond to any request.   Please review the information below, if you have questions please contact any member of the Design & Review Committee.

    By-Laws     Schedule 3.7          Design Standards

1. Houses  within the Community shall be of traditional colonial design with gabled roofs, asphalt or fiberglass, shingles, clapboard-style sheathing (including man-made siding).

2. Windows shall be double hung except kitchen windows which may be casement type.

3. Exterior colors of houses, trim, garages, if any, and accessory structures shall be subject to review and approval by the Design Board for conformity or harmony with the original house colors established by the Developer/Grantor.

4. Architectural details, including shutters, storm doors, fences, awnings, exterior lighting, decks, porches, etc. shall be designed so as to blend and be in harmony with the colonial style of design of the Community.

    Homeowner Design Change Request

Change Request Form (PDF)

Architectural Modification Process (W/form) (PDF)

Change Request Requirements

    Standards & Acceptable Materials and colors for:

Sheds | Decks | Fences | Porches | Walls 

Fence, shed, deck to include all other exterior colors and materials shall be so as to blend and be in harmony with the colonial style of design of the Community and any needed maintenance must be performed at the expense of the homeowner to include painting/staining and repair to preserve the esthetic value within the Community.

Exterior holiday lighting and fixtures must be removed within 30 days of the celebrated holiday in the event of inclement weather then no later then 1 March.


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